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Michael Hall

Published 1964
380 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

For anyone whos at all interested in the development of modern popular music,this book is a gold mine. Mr.Ewen traces the writing,distribution,printing andgrowth of the popular song. It begins with the songs of the Gay Nineties andends with the songs of the 1950s. It covers the spread of this type of musicby way of piano music,to recordings,through Vaudeville,the radio and finallythrough talking pictures. The author feels that when composers had to start writing music for the Hollywood movie factories,the heart seemed to go outof the songs. One could argue that the movies helped to spread the music of theera,and perhaps that was a good thing.The author would argue that the pressureto feed the movie monster was so great that composers became more like machines.Whichever position you might take,Mr.David Ewens The Life and Death of Tin PanAlley will give you plenty of raw material with which to work. It was truly apleasure for me to have read this work.