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The Condors Shadow David Wilcove

The Condors Shadow

David Wilcove

Published October 1st 1994
ISBN : 9780756761417
339 pages
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 About the Book 

With gripping narrative power, The Condors Shadow traces the ways in which human greed and ignorance have wreaked havoc on our ecological landscape.The heir apparent to Peter Matthiessens 1959 classic Wildlife in America, The Condors Shadow is a brilliant and compulsively readable study of the state of North American wildlife and what is being done to reverse the damage humans have caused.  With equal respect for the smallest feather-mite and the fiercest grizzly, the frailest flower and the stateliest redwood, David S. Wilcove illustrates--in jargon-free, often witty prose--natures delicate system of checks and balances, examining the factors that determine a species vulnerability and the consequences of losing even the tiniest part of any ecosystem. An examination of both the heart-wrenching failures and stunning successes of our conservation efforts, The Condors Shadow chronicles the destruction and resilience of our American wilderness and offers an insightful, eloquent overview that will appeal to avid conservationists and recreational nature-lovers alike.